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PFC Lynch KIA Iraq June 2004 Thank You for Sharing

28 May
Create layers with that blurry back ground

In my resent blog “Composition 101: part 1: Layers” I talked about creating depth in a photo by using layers.  This blog we’re going to build on that and show you how to create that...

15 May
Bear Creek Dog Park

Thank You for Sharing

12 May
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Composition: part 2: Rule of Thirds

Last week I started a series on composition. I plan to keep them short, simple, hopefully useful and fun. I created a short video to demonstrate this weeks topic the “Rule of Thirds” This has...

12 May
Composition 101: Part 1: Layers

Welcome to Composition 101 Today I start a series of short quick tips in composition. My plan is to keep them short into the point, but I guarantee by using these techniques your pictures will change dramatically....

09 May
Top three important tips for the beginning photographer

So you’ve gotten a new SLR camera!!!  Congratulations that is the first step to becoming a great photographer. So let’s take a few steps further.  If you’re like me you got out immediately...

07 May
In Shape at 50

50 years old!!!! One of lives milestones. No longer middle aged but on the other side of the hill coming down. So often by this time our physical mobility has restricted us and we can no longer out run...

25 Apr
Brushing off the studio skills

Most of my work is natural light.  I shoot morning and evenings when I shoot out doors and next to a window when I shoot indoors. Recently I was asked to do studio portraits for a client. I had studied...

24 Apr
Off leash, wild and free, able to do as I please

The dog park.  A playground for loyal friends. Off leash, wild and free.  Do you remember the freedom you had as a kid on the playground?   The leash is great for learning manners but social skills...

18 Apr
Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 3.18.54 PM
Favorite lens for pet photography: Canon 70-200 L series

I was asked what was my favorite piece of equipment for pet photography My answer was simple, EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM. Perfect focal length because pets need room.  Most of the dogs I encounter are...

12 Apr
Use of Multi-media

Multi-media is increasing in the world of the still photographer.  Many on the newer Digital SLRs come with a video capability.  As for Canon, the 5D at a full frame,  7D and 60D cropped frame shoot...

10 Sep
clicker training
How to load my clicker

Loading my clicker!  Now, don’t start a google search,”Clicker”for  new camera equipment. .  Your won’t find it there. This blog isn’t about loading film or a new digital...

03 Sep
Top ten tips for success when shooting the zoo

For most of us getting close enough to shoot wild animals is not an option.  Getting inches from an infant gorilla  or fifteen feet from a mountain lion isn’t going to happen without extremely expensive...

28 Aug
Gorilla Infant

I am not known for my speech, inside me are wells of emotion, sometimes tender but mostly excited for life. Were the disconnect between emotion and words is I don’t know. Today I was able to observe...

22 Aug
china made flag
Imported Patriotism

The US flags, Made in China? Merchants have disrespected the US by choosing to purchase patriotic symbols by the cheapest means; importing. Importing is not the issue here because the USA has been built...

20 Aug
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